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Hope you’re hungry, because here you’ll find information, prices, menus, and rankings for the best buffet in Las Vegas. Prepare for the feast!

This site is for those of us who think that diving into one of the legendary Las Vegas buffets is a lot more fun than hitting the slots, attending a show, or peeking out under the cards at the blackjack table and seeing a twenty-one.

Far from the old casino days of the $4.99 all-you-can-eat special that usually consisted of not much more than an unremarkable salad bar situated next to bland meat & potato dishes under a heat lamp, today’s buffet in Las Vegas is an exciting culinary adventure featuring exotic dishes from around the world, scrumptious, creative, mouth-watering desserts, as well as deliciously-prepared traditional favorites.

Buffet-lovers will have different criteria as to what constitutes a number one ranking. Some budget-conscious visitors, (my uncle for one), will feel that the best buffet in Las Vegas is the cheapest one. They aren’t concerned if the selection is skimpy, or the meat is overcooked, just so long as they fill their stomachs while keeping their wallet intact. Others feel that when you’re on vacation, you need to “go for it” and hold nothing back. They insist on top-notch quality food and excellent service, and they aren’t afraid to pay for it. Most of us, however, probably fall somewhere in the middle. We’re neither cheapos nor elitists; we’re just looking for that rare combination of extremely high quality offerings at an affordable value.

Note that our ranking is not scientific, (although that would be one great science experiment!), but rather, is based on a combination of factors, including our personal preferences, professional reviews, and overall word-of-mouth. You may not agree with our “winner” and want to try other casinos to see where they rank in terms of the best buffet in Las Vegas, in which case you’ll stomach will end up as the winner. So without further ado, here is what we consider to be the best buffet in Las Vegas:

 Bellagio – The Buffet

One of sin city’s most highly-rated resorts is also home to the best buffet in Las Vegas.

Rather than a restaurant, it’s more of a world tour of fabulous cuisine, featuring Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, and of course, classic American favorites at several live-action cooking stations.

Your dinner menu options include fresh carved meats, a variety of sushi at the sushi bar, Kobe beef, crab legs, hamburger sliders, plenty of fresh seafood, pizza (with unusual toppings, such as shrimp, all cooked in wood-fired oven), to more exotic fare, including quail, buffalo, shark (on occasion), duck, lamb and foie gras.

Other unique dishes are quickly becoming crowd favorites, including to-die-for mozzarella balls, a pesto flavored twist on the traditional mashed potatoes, lime-soaked ceviche and Chilean sea bass.

The highly-touted breakfast line-up consists of everything from standard cereals to omelets, fresh fruits as well as non-standard fare, including breakfast pizzas.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the Buffet at the Bellagio really steps up its game with a more upscale gourmet menu that runs $40.99 per person. (as compared to the $35.99 price the rest of the week.)

And although we consider it to be the best in town, there are a few cons to The Buffet at the Bellagio. To be honest, it is not much in the ambiance department, so if your dining environment is important to you, may want to head over to the Le Village Buffet at the Paris or the Wynn Buffet.

Another drawback here is the wait factor, as patrons have reported waiting times of up to two hours. Then again, you never see people lined-up outside bad restaurants.
Here’s a video, and more information can be found at the Bellagio’s website, and at our full look at the Bellagio buffet here.

I hope this website helps you in your buffet research. Thank you for reading!